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Germination test

Short description:  high-penetrating emission ("torsion", "spinor", "radionic", magnetic vector potential emission) changes germination rate and impact growth parameters of plants.

Detection: counting the number of germinated seeds, measuring the length of roots/plantlets, dry/wet biomass

Replication: yes, see literature

Complexity of setup: low, no especial equipment is required

Germination test is the standard and the simplest experiment, which can provide reliable results (when all conditions of the experiment are satisfied). Moreover, this kind of test is widely accepted for measuring impact from different sources of emission, e.g.[1]. The setup is shown in figure below. It needs to take into account that seeds are sensitive to EM emission as well, thus, the generator should be shielded by a grounded metal box.  

Finally, after 3rd and 7th day, the number of germinated seeds is counted. Several other parameters, such as wet or dry biomass, length of roots and plantlets can be also measured.


These tests should be performed on a large number of trials (at least >3) and with a large number of seeds in one trial (at least >200 seeds). Below we show one particular result, which demonstrate a comparison between control attempt, irradiated by front/back side and with using a filter (container 4).


[1] Mirela Maria Matioc-Precup and Dorina Cachiþã-Cosma. The germination and growth of brassica oleracea l. var. capitata f. rubra plantlets under the inuence of colored light of dierent provenance. Studia Universitatis Vasile Goldis, 22:193202, 2012.

[2] Sergej Maslobrod, Elena Maslobrod, Serge Kernbach, Long Range Interaction within the System 'Semiconductor Generator - Matrix - Seeds', Proc. of Conference 'Bio-Energy-Information Interactions. Ecology and Safety', 18-19 April, Moscow, 2013. (engl)

[3] Maslobrod S. N., EFFECT OF THE REMOTE CONTACT BETWEEN SPROUTING SEEDS ARISING AT THEIR CONTACT DURING THE SWELLING PERIOD. Surface Engineering and Applied Electrochemistry, 2012, 48, 6 (rus)