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Passive Generators

One of the oldest and most popular generators are generators with spirals (without giving a voltage to the coil).

Disclaimer: All images/information are provided by "google patens" or "google scholar" - all of them are from public available sources, all rights belongs to authors of these patents/publications. All of them are shown for scientific or popularization purposes - no commercial use in any form is intended.   

see the patent:

Oscar Korsheld, Apparatus for therapeutic purposes without any suggestion (DE69340A)  from 1891. Indicated that effect of both side is different -- that is probably related to the direction of rotation of the winding - it's not exactly specified. This is probably also one of the first generators, where the winding wire is twisted.


Ian Dzhurzhdik, protection device or neutralize nezheletelnyh influences, influences or fields on the human body (DE3515307A1)

This is another option for the the coil 15 turns, in and out are next to each other, the coil diameter of 50 mm, a thickness of 0.1 mm wire.


Roth Trude, protector of negitivnogo terrestrial radiation (DE3416157A1)

In this embodiment, the winding diameter of 3 cm, length 1.5 m, 1 mm silver-plated copper wire. All coil lies in everyday items such as cups, decanters, vases, etc. An interesting test method - measurement of skin resistance - the presence of the device, showing a calm diagram (left side of the chart).


Okhatrin AF The device for the power and impact on bioobekt way to assess its effectiveness (RU2074748)

In this embodiment, the coil is applied to the dielectric, the distance from the body no more than 30cm in diameter 1.2m field., Effectiveness was measured by Nogier. tellurium, Landau, gadolinium, bismuth - The author claims that they are biologically active and can lay down next to the device (such as the information matrix)



Foundation Ordo protection device (DE3541480A1)

This is a 3D version of the coil, the distance between the rings or coils correspond to the distance between the planets of the solar system. In this case, the system is fed through a 6-speed 12Hz (10Hz) is used biomodulyator and permanent magnets.