You are visiting the site of Association of Unconventional Science devoted to development, experiments, hardware and theory related to:

  • "high-penetrating" emission, which is already in public discussion over 200 years.
  • emission, which is generated both by technological devices as well as by humans, and correspondingly impacting devices and biological beings.
  • long-range interactions, macroscopic entitlement and “connections” between objects that are thousands miles away from each other.
  • experiments with well repeatable, but not 100%, results.
  • mental processes of the experimenter and his/her impact on the results of experiments.
  • probably, a "global computer" (alternative name: "matrix").

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IV International Conference "Torsion fields and information interaction-2014"

Association of Unconventional Science organizes the IV International Conference "Torsion fields and information interaction -2014". The Conference will be held in Moscow on 20-21 September 2014. Main topics of the conference:

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Generators of series Ehmi

Main purpose of this device. This device is aimed at work with biologically active emissions - spectral light, magnetic field, resonance EM frequencies as well as an experimental phenomenon, which has many names: spinor, axion, torsion fields, A vector potential, radiant energy, longitude waves and so on. For all of them several characteristic properties are typical such as a high penetrating capability, biological activity, information imprinting. One of the interesting design goals of this device - this is exploration and utilization of information effects, for instance writing and erasing of information from objects, impact of information imprinting on physical and chemical processes, influence on diverse biological processes, effects of biological and information resonances.